Friday, April 10, 2009

Bay City Rollers stars reveal their mixed feelings over Tam Paton

FORMER Bay City Roller Alan Longmuir today insisted he will remember Tam Paton for the man he was in the early days of the band, not the controversial character he became.

The 60-year-old 1970s teen heartthrob spoke of his sadness at hearing his controversial former manager had died on Wednesday night from a suspected heart attack while in the bath at his Gogar mansion.

But Longmuir's comments come as fellow Rollers star Les McKeown today claimed Paton raped him and threatened to kill him if he spoke out about it. He described Paton as a tyrant.

He said: "I almost feel guilty for being so happy but I can't imagine a man nor beast who will be mourning the passing of Tam Paton.

"I hate him. I'm glad he's dead. I was just a young boy. I was only 18, 19 when he raped me."

"Tam was an evil manipulator of young men. He used his power and drugs. Tam was great for plying the band with drugs to keep us working and under his control."

Longmuir painted a different story of the controversial Paton though.

He said: "Tam Paton was a good guy at the very beginning, as well as being a very competent musician. He tried very hard to keep us unique, which was good.

"I will remember him as he was during the early days when we had no money, but there were plenty of laughs."

The former band member, who grew up in the Capital, is now a plumber in Bannockburn.

Former bandmate, and life-long friend, Stuart "Woody" Wood called him just hours after Mr Paton's death to tell him the news.

He said he had not seen Mr Paton for at least 15 years - the last time being when the 70-year-old former manager - who was convicted of sex offences against teenage boys in 1982 - took the band out for a meal.

For years the musicians have been involved in a legal wrangle over claims they are owed money through missing royalties from their recordings.

Mr Longmuir – who was a founder member of The Bay City Rollers along with his brother, Derek, and Nobby Clark – said: "I think it was when we ended up in London that Tam got fed up.

"Everything changed in 1979 when money started going missing. Tam started sending really unexperienced tour managers to work with us.

"I do believe he abandoned the band - he had the high-life and we were left to fight the lawyers.

"But he was a fun type of guy - very comical. He was also a control freak though and tried to stop us going out with girls.

"It wasn't because he was gay – we never even knew he was gay at the start – it was just that everything was always about the band."

A friend of Mr Paton's, who was at his house yesterday, and did not want to be named, said: "It's a traumatic time at the moment.

"As you can imagine, everyone here is just really upset."

Mr Paton once said that he had an estimated £5 million fortune and that on his death, he would be likely to leave it to animal charities.

Paton's brother, David, 79, who lives in Cockenzie, East Lothian, said: "It's a sad time. I'll be sorting out his funeral arrangements."

It is understood that the dead man's two sisters, along with friends, have now made their way up from London to deal with his affairs.

Some of Paton's fortune, which has been estimated at more than £5 million, could be seized under proceeds of crime laws, it was reported today.

Police have confirmed they left Mr Paton's mansion shortly after undertakers arrived on Wednesday night, and that there are no suspicious circumstances surrounding the death.


Thursday, April 09, 2009

Penis News

Former Brewster officer pleads guilty to charges

In a plea deal, former Brewster police officer Joseph Houston pleaded guilty yesterday in Boston Municipal Court to several charges associated with his actions at a Metallica concert in January.

Houston was in court for two separate cases stemming from the Jan. 18 incident. He was scheduled for trial for trespassing because he re-entered TD Banknorth Garden after being thrown out of the concert by security personnel and MBTA Transit Police. He was also to be arraigned on assault and battery and a felony charge of open and gross lewdness.

According to a Brewster Police Department investigation, witnesses said Houston consumed a half-dozen beers at a bar before the concert. He then physically and verbally harassed a family that had traveled to Boston from out of state and were seated in the row in front of Houston and his brothers.

Houston pulled down his pants, exposed his penis and urinated on a man's shirt, seat and the floor beside him, according to what the family told police. With his penis still exposed, Houston lunged at the man's sister, according to the Brewster police investigation.

Yesterday, Houston agreed to admit to sufficient facts and a finding of guilty on the trespassing charge and the assault and battery charge, but he avoided the felony charge of open and gross lewdness and pleaded to a lesser charge of assault and indecent exposure.

Houston's attorney, Thomas Drechsler, said his client has "put the matter behind him."

The trespassing charge was continued without a finding for three months. The other charges were continued without a finding for 18 months. During that time, Houston must undergo alcohol evaluation and treatment and have no contact with the family he victimized. He also must repay the family the $2,631 they spent to attend the concert.

As part of the plea deal, Houston must forgo any further appeals or arbitration over his termination from the Brewster Police Department. The Brewster Board of Selectmen fired Houston last month.

"If he abides by those conditions for the duration of the continuance, the cases will be dismissed. If he doesn't, then they go to trial," said Jake Wark, spokesman for Suffolk District Attorney Daniel Conley.

Rob Lowe Wins Another Round Against Ex-Nanny Over Confidentiality Agreement

Rob Lowe's nanny problem is almost resolved as a judge ruled in his favor over an ex-nanny's confidentiality agreement.

Last year, Lowe and his wife Sheryl sued nanny Laura Boyce for breaking a confidentiality agreement and revealing personal details about the couple.

Boyce then filed a countersuit accusing Sheryl of sexual harassment and seeking compensation for her wrongful dismissal and backpay.

According to her, Sheryl was sexually offensive and had asked her about the size of her boyfriend's penis. The wife also regularly paraded around the house naked. The allegations were vehemently denied by the Lowes.

She claimed that the contract violated her freedom on speech; thus, it was invalid to begin with. However, on Tuesday, the judge rejected her argument and sided with the "Brothers and Sisters" actor, saying the contract was legally binding, TMZ reports.

Boyce is just one of two ex-employees the couple have sued. The Lowes claim another nanny and a chef were trying to extort money from them.

Spray May Help Men Last Longer in Bed

A spray developed by Irish researchers may help men delay ejaculation and extend the length of sexual encounters, according to a study published in the British Journal of Urology.

Men who used the spray, developed by researchers at the Royal Victoria Hospital in Belfast, five minutes before having intercourse extended their love-making from half a minute to almost four minutes, the study found.

The spray contains local anesthetics that numb the penis and could be available for use within the next couple of years, the BBC reports.

Researchers tested the spray, called PSD502, or a placebo on 300 men.

Those given the actual spray lasted 6.3 times longer on average. Men who tested the placebo spray lasted just 1.7 times longer.

Jack Wrangler, gay porn idol, dead at 62

The 1970s gay porn idol Jack Wrangler has died at age 62.

Lewis Tice, director of publicity and marketing for TLA Releasing, a distributor of gay-themed independent films, says Wrangler died in New York City of complications of lung disease.

Wrangler starred in numerous gay adult movies and went on to become a musical theater performer. His life was chronicled in last fall's documentary "Wrangler: Anatomy of an Icon."

Tice says Wrangler starred in more than 80 adult films beginning in the 1970s.

Wrangler later married pop vocalist Margaret Whiting, who survives him.


New York Construction Co. (1970)
Junior Cadets (1970, re-released as Jr. Cadets 1981)
Eyes Of A Stranger (a.k.a. Eyes Of A Gay Stranger, 1970)
High Riders (1974)
Navy Blue (1975)
Kansas City Trucking Co. (1976)
Sex Magic (1977)
Dynamite (1978)
Surf & Turf (1978)
Jocks (a.k.a. Jack Wrangler Jocks, 1979)
Gemini (1979)
Killing Me Gently (1979, re-released as Killing Me Softly,1982 )
Misbehavin' (1979)
Summer in Heat (1979)
Wanted (1980)
Sea Cadets (1980)
Mustard Hanky Right: 8 Or More (1980)
Heavy Equipment (1980)
Boots & Saddles (1980)
Jack 'n Jill (1980)
Bon Appetit (1980)
The Filthy Rich (1980)
Palace Of Pleasures (1981)
Hunk (1981)
Blue Magic (1981)
C.O.D. (1981)
Debbie Does Dallas 2 (1981)
Games Women Play (1981)
Roommates (1981)
Boots & Saddles(1982)
Broadway Boys(1982)
The Devil in Miss Jones II (1982)
Dirty Looks (1982)
Olive Drab Hanky Left: Uniforms (1983)
A Night At The Adonis (1983)
Master Bates (1983)
A Married Man (a.k.a. A Married Man Who Had Them All, 1983)
Hot House (1983)
The Boys From Riverside Drive (1983)
In Love (a.k.a. Strangers in Love,1983)
Jack 'n Jill 2 (1984)
The Voyeur (1984)
Orange Hanky Left (1985)
Navy Blue Hanky Left (1985)
Guess Who's Coming? (1990)