Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Naked Rocco Siffredi

Rocco Siffredi, byname of Rocco Tano (born May 4, 1964 in Ortona, Abruzzo) is an Italian pornographic actor, now working as a director and producer of pornographic movies. As of 2005, he has starred in over 1,300 pornographic films. He is credited with helping to launch the careers of porn stars Nacho Vidal and Kelly Stafford.

Siffredi's screen name was reportedly inspired by a character from the movie Borsalino (1970), "Roch Siffredi", played by Alain Delon. He is also known as "the Italian Stallion", a reference to his penis size.

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From Hardcore Gossip 11/14/04

HCG: Did it freak you out to play a gay guy [in the mainstream movie Anatomy of Hell]?

RS: No. Honestly, not too much, because for me to get a blowjob from a guy would have been easier than to kiss the guy. I thought the kiss was too much because it was too intimate, but the blowjob would have been easier because I can make my dick hard, whatever.

HCG: You can close your eyes.

RS: It’s what we do, we are used to just getting hard. I thought for the movie, it would have been much more right to have a kiss, that is why I did it. Nobody forced me to do it. It was my idea, so that people would look at me like a real actor and not just Rocco Siffredi the porn star. Who is going to believe I’m gay?

I had fun with Belladonna and a few girls in America, but usually it is just better working with European girls. They start out better I think. For example, in this movie, today is the last day of the movie, my last movie, and I didn’t get f-cked one time right. Everything was just wrong. Once people are in a position of importance, it’s like they can’t just lower themselves and say let’s have fun. In every scene I have had to deal with problems of ego. Like my first scene of this movie, with Tawny Roberts, I got a black eye. I don’t know the reason.

Actually that scene was one of the nice ones, even though it was completely f-cked up because she was drunk so I couldn’t f-ck how I wanted to.

Rocco Siffredi

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