Thursday, December 07, 2006

Gay Advent Christmas Countdown

Reporter Quotes Jennifer Hudson: Being Gay is 'a Sin'

By Ross von Metzke

She’s on the cover of this month’s Advocate and has been heavily promoting Dreamgirls at gay events across the country.

But despite the love Jennifer Hudson has shown the gay community in several appearances, a Dallas Voice reporter alleges the American Idol songstress, who is said to be delivering an Academy Award worthy performance as Effie White in Dreamgirls, has trouble reconciling her religious beliefs with her new found fanbase.

“Everybody sins,” Hudson explained when asked where she stands on same sex marriage by Voice Life & Style Editor Daniel Kusner. “No sin is greater or different than the other. To each his own. If it don’t bother Jennifer, then Jennifer don’t mind. I don’t really even think about it because I don’t believe in judging people for what they do.”

Hudson admitted to the reporter that this was the first time anybody had asked for her thoughts on gay issues—to ask a relatively new star to comment on social issues, Kusner suggested, might be deemed unfair in some eyes.

But when Kusner asked Hudson to clarify on whether she’d just called being gay a sin, she responded: “According to the way we’re taught, and what it says in the Bible — it is.”

Followed quickly by, “I have plenty of gay friends.”

In previous interviews with gay publications, Hudson has shown the gay community nothing but love, telling the Advocate: "I think the world of the gay community, and I feel like it’s an honor. The gay community is the hardest community to please, so if they love me, I must be fierce, honey."

Throughout the interview, Kusner asked the young starlet questions regarding her religious upbringing. Hudson was raised Baptist, she said, and had traveled to Dallas a few times growing up for church conventions.

Reps for the actress have yet to comment on the interview, and Kusner spends the majority of the article balancing Hudson’s comments with a seemingly genuine sentiment that she holds her gay friends in high regard.

But the comment comes as particularly shocking considering the film’s director Bill Condon (Gods & Monsters, Kinsey) and executive producer David Geffen are both openly gay.

Dreamgirls opens in select cities on December 15 and will open nationwide Christmas Day.

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