Monday, November 20, 2006

Monday Sunshine Boy

Steve Sandvoss

Latter Days

Rotten Tomatoes

Elder Aaron Davis (Steve Sandvoss) is a young Mormon missionary from Pocatello, Idaho, who goes to Los Angeles with three other missionaries, to spread the Mormon faith. They move into a bungalow apartment that adjoins to the apartment of openly gay Christian Markelli (Wes Ramsey), who is attempting to become an actor. In the meantime, he works as a waiter at Lila's, a trendy restaurant owned by Lila Montagne (Jacqueline Bisset). Fun-loving, party boy Christian is intrigued by his new, sober Mormon neighbors, and makes a bet with his cynical co-workers to seduce one of the missionaries for $50. It doesn't take long for Christian to realize that Aaron, the most inexperienced missionary, is a closeted homosexual himself.

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