Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Clay Aiken's webcam outing

Clay Aiken, 22, was in Boston on tour on Dec. 5, where he logged onto gay pick-up webspot,,As reported by the Star.

The conversation

Clay: i'm in a hotel downtown. please come see me

Source: which one?

CA: wyndham

Source: dude

Source: that's IT???

CA: what?

Source: you're not at the ritz

CA: no

Source: or the park plaza??? sheesh!

CA: no

Source: B-List!!!!

CA: i like to save money

Source: hahahahaha

CA: i dont need to waste money on a hotel room. as long as it has a bed and a toliet. no need to act all uppity.

When is it going to end.
Ok if what they say is true
he is a closeted male
with some pretty crazy fans
he does not deserve this
tons of people do it
and tons of people love sex
but this is cruel
why do Americans think they own their stars and take great pride in destroying them
and if they rise from the ashes
they like them all the more
gay bashing is bad enough
but this cruel
and gays should know better
because they have to go thru so much shit as it is

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