Sunday, March 12, 2006

Let the sun shine in.

Totally uneventful week for me no work no play mostly messing around with my blog and doing some yard work.
Blogs can get kind of depressing if you read them too often so much heartache and pain at least some of the ones I have been reading I don’t read many straight blogs so I don’t know what kind of misery they get into, I do know that some of the gay ones are just horrific I can’t believe in this day and age how much hate and fear we as people can be put in from family friends and co-workers.
When will it stop? do we have to start rioting again do we take to the streets and burn down building do we march on our local governments like Martin Luther King Jr did. That will never happen.
I think we as a community have become fractured and self involved or perhaps we have just given up.
This whole BrokeBack Mountain thing is just pissing me off the jokes and crap in the papers about the movie are just way over the top.
It’s made it okay again for the off color jokes and gay bashing and it was at least an attempted to show some of the pain we go through.
Well enough of that.
The ice has melted from the lake and I can now resume my beach activities. I am kind of trying to create a little oasis for natural plants and wildlife but I have to shore up the beach from the waves when we get a storm kind of mucks up my work.
It’s been warming up nicely and tomorrow will be 18 c another great day for yard work.

We went to Colosantis today and I picked up some plants for the house just needed to add some color I finally bought a orchid which I have been wanting to do for some years but was afraid,
I have heard they are hard to care for so never attempted to grow them.
Colosantis is like a huge green house with a petting zoo, rides for the kids and lots of little shops and a restaurant, used to be just a green house actually not much in the way of plants is left it’s all been taken over by all the other crap.
We are heading up north to the soaring eagle a casino resort on Tuesday we have free room comps, we thought we had better use them hopefully we will come back with heavy wallets.

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