Thursday, March 16, 2006

Gay "Brady" kiss

"There is a kiss between me and Barry, but it's very quick." That's Brady boy Christopher Knight talking to TV about his upcoming guest appearance on "That 70s Show." Knight and fellow Brady co-star Barry Williams (Greg) will play Josh and Jeff, a gay couple who live in the neighborhood.

"Barry and I had to come as a team and would be playing gay neighbors," Knight said of his gay " '70s" stint. "Josh and Jeff are very comfortable with who they are. Neither Barry nor myself were required to play 'gay,' which is not what you usually see from a character of this sexual orientation in a comedy."

You can tune into to watch the gay Brady kiss when the episode airs in May.


GayProf said...

My Two Cents: Peter was the only decent looking Brady.

BlackGold said...

Funny I had a crush on him when i was a kid....... hes still cute.