Tuesday, March 14, 2006

I was watching CNN today and a short story came on about a web site called don't date him girl so I said to myself why not have a look.
So its a site with a huge list of guys that are supposedly cheating low life scum shocking eh.
I thought it was funny at first then I thought about it and became worried about just how far we have come with the internet and how it changes and could possibly destroy lives.
Anyone can post a picture of the offending party with name last name and location then proceed to write what ever you want about the person true or not scary yes.
I have no idea what is legal regarding this site or even if it is legal, must be if they were on CNN or at least they have investigated it with lawyers.
Oh by the way guys can also post and explain themselves or at least try.
So if your looking for a bad boy, that would be my suggestion visit the site and pick up a cheater.
If your the guy call your lawyer and start suing.