Friday, March 31, 2006

Its Friday

Been awhile since I last posted anything personal from my world mostly just because it’s not that exciting.
Last week we traveled up north to the soaring eagle casino and lost our shirts at least the meals and room was supplied by the casino. We spend two days and it was good to get away with Steve. Yes we both have the same name.
I have been spending a lot of time outdoors now that the weather is warming up getting the gardens ready and working on the beach, even got little bit of sun burn yesterday, Today the weather is overcast and calling for thunder storms and rain we need it so I don’t mind.
Work will be getting busy for me the place I work at opens up full time next week so its back to the hot stoves full time. Only work a few days a week now so I am looking forward to it.

Steve my partner is on a new project now he is hell bent on buying the property next door which just means more work for me with landscaping and dealing with renters if it happens it’s good in a way because it will only increase our property value.


Brad said...

Happy landscaping to you, my friend. Justin and I need to work on that front as well.

Anonymous said...

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